the alternative moment

It’s not important if Imran Khan’s ouster was less or more humiliating than Nawaz Sharif’s, what’s significant is the Hegelian dialectic applied to the ongoing situation in Pakistan: the conceivably-constructive approach of Sharif to forge ties with neighbouring India is as..

the problem child of europe

Marx, who was a great deal more of a German than he was a Jew, was profoundly influenced by Hegel; he was a Hegelian scholar and took his famous dialectic intact from Hegel, using it, however, in the economic rather than the philosophical field. ... That this condition of affairs will, in..

the unmanageable futureby john michael greer

It takes power claiming to place the means of production in the hands of the people, but in practice “the people” inevitably morphs into the government, and that amounts to cadres drawn from the managerial class, with their heads full of the latest fashionable ideology and not a single clue about how..

marx, theoretician of anarchism - maximilien rubel

Later the rediscovery of the Hegelian dialectic would help him to establish the plan of the “Economy” under six “headings” or “books”: Capital, Landed Property, Wage Labour; The State, Foreign Trade, World Market (see Preface to the Critique of Political Economy, 1859). ..

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