how the u.s. media failed in russiagate

Jonathan Chait, is now editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, the elite prestige magazine funded by widow of the Apple founder, Laurene Powell Jobs, (who is a major Biden campaign megadonor), which has been under attack by President Trump for spreading vicious slurs against his character..

unite and fight?

Braden Goyette, “What Jonathan Chait doesn’t understand about identity politics,” Huffington Post, April 12, 2015, . . . . . ..

chait speech

The latest comes via Jonathan Chait, and has been greeted with a mix of mockery and (more quietly) “oh God, someone finally said it.”  ..

pickled politics

Jonathan Chait first makes a historical argument: that while liberals (lefties) in the US keep saying Obama sold out and didn’t do as much as promised, especially compared to earlier US Presidents, this is rubbish. ..


Amy Coney Barrett ...

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