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After the shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University by National Guardsmen, college campuses across the nation erupted into demonstrations and strikes. ..

trump: the novel coronated virus

Electing Trump, we coronated virus, paranoid, conspiratorial way of seeing that brings with it birtherism, Guiliani's pull it, cries of Fake News —, selfish, avataristic, hunt-and-peck, all-day texting, tweeting, commenting, time and space re-oriented, constant 1812 overture of immediate gratification. ..

checkers and wreckers at the daytona 500

At home, there were racial uprisings in cities like Newark and Detroit, students occupied universities, women protested Miss America pageant, and gay people fought with police at Stonewall Inn... by artappraiser on Wed, 06 10 2020 - 9 33pm.. ..

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