mongabay’s top amazon stories from 2021

In Peru's Amazonian of Loreto, the amount of territory covered under some category of conservation increased from million hectares to 8.5 million hectares this year — area about three times the size of Belgium.. Five bird species Brazil have been saved from extinction through direct..

dance: best of 2021

The mass extinction of small, precarious companies had largely run its course while survival funding for the bigger flagship companies was largely in place, which is not to say that the future looked rosy, just that in April 2021, by contrast with April 2020, annihilation no longer seemed..


And, of course, the fossil fuel industry doesn't want us to look up at the remote but very real possibility that the global warming they are causing could free ancient methane trapped in permafrost and undersea clathrate beds and trigger a mass extinction event (as DiCaprio and I pointed out..

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