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Only Washington Post covered NDAA more than Peloton, while every other outlet gave ad for bike more coverage than multi-billion-dollar grant to the military industrial complex... ..

why the military-industrial complex cannot

Developer and 'OSS Coraline Ada Ehmke sparked debate when she proposed the creation of ethical licence for open source projects kind of Hippocratic Oath for developers that would add crucial addendum to the 'freedom at all costs ethos of open source and modify MIT open source licence with extra conditions.. ..

on military industrial complex, sanders’

Sanders is also popular with employees of the military industrial complex. ... “In Burlington, there’s a lot of good people working hard to stop basing the F-35 — this is the military industrial complex at its strongest and you came out in favor of..

amanpour and company

The Cold War and Pentagon dollars fuels the explosive growth of Los Angeles and creates the military-industrial-complex... This episode traces how The Cold War and Pentagon dollars fund the explosive growth of Los Angeles and create the..

elizabeth warren’s new plan targets the

Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex―tilts countless decisions, big and small, away from legitimate security interests, and toward the desires of giant corporations that thrive off taxpayer dollars, said Warren, member of Senate Armed Services Committee... ..


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