ma. stella f. arnaldo

THE tourism and travel industry are projected to lose at least P27 with the temporary travel ban imposed by Malacañang... ... THE Tourism Congress of Philippines is calling for temporary travel ban on Chinese tourists, while the novel coronavirus continues to..

locsin to oppose singapore travel ban

MANILA, Philippines — Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr on Friday would oppose extending to Singapore Philippines temporary travel ban for foreigners to stop the spread of the new 2019 coronavirus disease ... I will not support travel ban to and from..

the 6 countries in trump’s new travel ban

Trump administration's new travel ban list.. Immigrants from these countries constitute less and none of the in the last two years.. Under the new ban, citizens of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania will no longer be able to apply for immigrant..

what president donald trump's travel ban means

President Donald Trump's administration has just announced expansion of its 2017 travel ban, adding 6 new countries to the list of those restricted from emigrating to US.. ... Africa Diego Iniguez-López Donald Trump Free Speech TV National Partnership for New Americans..

pelosi claims new travel ban affects 350

To her credit, the speaker can walk and chew gum at the the same time, which is why she was able to distort the facts in another matter entirely -- this time involving a new travel ban imposed by the White House. . ... Last Friday, the Department of Homeland Security announced..

copia institute stories at techdirt.

The filing goes through the history of the initial ban, and then notes that the new version is still just as bad: President Trump’s new travel ban is no different. ... In sum, President Trump’s new travel ban has not overcome the..

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