msnbc's nicolle wallace oddly silent on lincoln

Deadline White House host Nicolle Wallace loved having top leaders of The Lincoln Project appear on her show while they were in their heyday during the election season. Co-founder Rick Wilson was often favorite who used Wallace provided to bash Donald Trump, Republicans, and..

nicolle wallace says chris christie is trying to

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace called out former New Jersey and Donald Trump ally Chris Christie for not having criticized some of Trump's more behavior and then insinuated his current criticisms of the president are happening for purely cynical, careerist reasons, rather than due to any sort of..

nicolle wallace: trump is motivated to win because

Nicolle Wallace Trump is motivated to win because he needs to avoid criminal legal exposure 00 35 Share this -... copied... MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace joins Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid to discuss President Donald Trump's motivation to get re-elected November.Aug 25, 2020.. ..


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