noam chomsky: trump is willing to dismantle

In this exclusive interview for Truthout, Noam Chomsky discusses the national and international significance of Trump’s refusal to commit to a “peaceful transition to power” and his reliance on conspiracy theories. . ... Noam Chomsky: The “law and order” appeal..

noam chomsky testifies in assange hearing;

Those who have followed these reports will understand how frustrating it was to be deprived of James Lewis asking Noam Chomsky how he can venture opinion on whether this extradition is motivated or whether he has ever published any peer-reviewed articles. What I shall do for now is give..

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Noam Chomsky. According to theory of cognitive dissonance. The mind automatically and involuntary rejects the information which does not match the previously accepted ideas and believes. ..

noam chomsky

Noam Chomsky is educator and linguist. He joined University of Arizona in fall 2017, after several decades at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ..


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