an apparent leader of oath keepers charged with

Caldwell interacted in the alongside group of eight to 10 people wearing Oath Keeper-emblazoned gear, according to enforcement affidavit... ... By conspiracy that is trying to strip, Oath Keepers are part of the movement, the government has been co-opted American..

capitol riot: amazon removes oath keepers, three

And, many of the items appeared to be stored in, and shipped out of, Amazon warehouses ratio. * } > Percenter Oath Keeper merchandise, stored and shipped by Amazon. ... Still, eBay, just like Amazon, sells merchandise bearing the name and logos of Three Percenters and Oath..

oath keepers militia explain why they were armed in

Members of Oath Keepers gathered Louisville on Wednesday in the aftermath of jury charging one in Breonna Taylor case, sparking outrage and protests that turned violent.. Staging in the lot of Hampton Inn, the militia members had firearms and ballistic vests, often decked out in camouflage..

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