schaffer documents allowed in oath keepers

By cabal of elites trying to strip, he is founding, member of Oath Keepers and believes that the government has been 'co-opted American citizens of their rights.. ... On Dec 14, 2020, Rhodes published letter on Oath Keepers website advocating for the use of force to..

oath keepers head charged with jan. 6 seditious

WASHINGTON — Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of Oath Keepers militia group, has been arrested and charged with in the attack on U.S. ... Oath Keepers and members of other extremist groups, such as Proud Boys, make up just part of the more than 580 people. ..

leaked oath keepers list names 20 current military

In December, Defense Department clarified more and it's unclear whether joining Oath Keepers and remaining member of the militia would run afoul of the new rules.. ... He is the son of the co-founder of Three Percenters, militia named for theory involving American Revolution that at..

oath keepers, proud boys sued by d.c. attorney

Two Oath Keepers listen to speakers at 'Back Blue rally Albany, NY that was held to counter Black Lives Matter protests across the country. ... On August 26, 2021 group of seven Capitol Police officers filed lawsuit against the organizers of January, Oath Keepers and..


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