paul krugman speaks for me.

Paul Krugman speaks for me. . . . . Paul Krugman . ✔ . @paulkrugman . � 15m . ... Paul Krugman . ✔ . @paulkrugman . After all, Republicans have a 100% consistent record of blowing up the budget deficit whenever they hold power. ..

warren's private health insurance blow up

Even Paul Krugman is queasy about the political ramifications of Warren's full-on embrace of single-payer health care. Theater criticism aside, the big news from last night's debate was Warren's full-on embrace of single-payer something I'm fine with on the merits, and consider policy to..

paul krugman: economic extremist?

There is no other mainstream economist who has the propensity to dismiss everything he disagrees with as malevolent, macabre, and meretricious than the first-ever fake news award winner, Paul Krugman. . ... Paul Krugman: Economic Extremist? . Using the same criteria as..


American - Trump ...

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