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Editor’s Note: Below is an open letter by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to CNN’s Dr. ... Robert F. Kennedy Jr . President, Children’s Health Defense . P.S. Just as a reminder, here is a 60 Minutes program from over 30 years ago. ..

robert f. kennedy jr. is the

Anti-vaccine advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during a public hearing on vaccine-related bills in 2015. . . ... Both are spearheaded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer turned prolific peddler of dangerous anti-vaccine..

has she joined robert f. kennedy

Pictures of Biel with anti-vaccination campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr. emerged on Tuesday. Shared on Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Instagram, Biel joined the son of RFK at the California State House and was seen in the state chambers in a..

jessica biel teams up with robert f kennedy

Jessica Biel lobbied with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. against a new California bill (SB 276) that allows state health officials to revoke medical exemptions of vaccinations granted by doctors. . ... But 7th Heaven actress Jessica Biel took a stance against the bill yesterday..

robert f. kennedy jr.'s family

'Robert F. Kennedy Jr. . . . is part of this campaign to attack the institutions committed to reducing the tragedy of preventable infectious diseases,' they wrote. ... But Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has taken a decidedly different path from..

family of robert f kennedy jr

brother, sister and niece of Robert F Kennedy Jr have chastised him for campaigning against vaccines, saying he has been disseminating dangerous misinformation that discourages immunisation, even as measles spreads throughout United States.. ..

robert f. kennedy jr. revs up the

On Friday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the famed vaccine skeptic and son of the 1968 Democratic presidential candidate, spoke at a dimly-lit meeting hall deep in the Capitol extension at the invitation of Texans for Vaccine Choice, a right-leaning group that fights to loosen..

robert f. kennedy jr. testifies in

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testifies in Olympia against measles vaccine bill . . . by Keith Eldridge | KOMO News . . . . ... Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. traveled to Olympia to fight against a bill that would force more parents to have their kids..

robert f. kennedy jr explains how

., is roiling the assassination waters with the publication of his new book  American Values Lessons I Learned from My Family, where he sets forth his skepticism regarding the official explanations of the assassinations of John F. In this address given on California Capitol steps Sacramento..


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