sierra leone president says calm restored, most

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At the end of 2022, Sierra Leone had total of 531 media outlets, consisting of 228 radio stations, 242 newspapers, 24 magazines, 26 TV stations, and 11 TV stations. ... Laws and policies affecting the media are drawn up consultation with key sector actors, including IMC and..

addressing election integrity in sierra leone

Election workers count ballots at station, after polls closed, on the day of the election, Freetown, Sierra Leone on June 24, 2023. ... With multiple elections approaching in the region, both ECOWAS and Sierra Leone's development partners need the courage of their..

sierra leone: a fractious poll defined by economic

The villa was crowded with vehicles, gun-toting security and hundreds of boxes containing campaign materials for SLPP — Sierra Leone People's Party.. ... Kamara needs to win the election — and he has been vocal about what he describes as attempts to subvert Sierra..

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Africanist Press and myself have experienced escalating threats from various sectors of the political groups Sierra Leone and from the government of Sierra Leone... ... The government of Sierra Leone has also hired Israeli firm to spy on myself and..