is money really the root of all evil?

He builds up and then scales down to de-root them of the evil and lopsided love of money, reminding them it's Christ we find contentment, and God provides for us what we need, and He blesses us above and beyond... The reader who reads these 2300-year-old portraits of defective characters will.. – the root to the media

The problem of ad fraud has become all too familiar for many working in the industry, spawning a collection of companies that aim to root it out.But, whilst many people think digital ad fraud stops at display and video, it has also crept in to emerging connected TV platforms - and now it is growing..

covid-19: can we tackle the root cause of

New research suggests that an existing drug could target the root cause of inflammation in severe COVID-19. . ... They hypothesize that healthcare providers could give an existing drug to such patients early in the infection to address the root cause of the excessive immune response. . ..

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