the view from the senate

In Monsod's view, FDI that will be drawn by wholesale easing of Charter restrictions will consist mostly from Chinese, with western economies experiencing surges of the pandemic and economic slowdowns and have neither the resources nor the time to engage in investments. ..

the space invaders

As child growing up, one of the developmental achievements is having, or believing that you have, private space inside yourself that is un-impinge-able on by anyone, that means you ca not be violated, you ca not be intruded upon, you ca not be taken over and you ca not be colonized. ..

x marks the spot?

Hanna Treasure Hunt David Starcevic was on hand at the fifth hunt on Nov 29, when Maycee Girard located the treasure after Facebook post by Starcevic noting the jar filled with $150 was hidden at Fox Lake Campground. ..

the space between us

By creating double height spaces that bring light deep into the interior and linking the living spaces on the lower ground floor and entrance level, There is long view out the back to the rugby fields, and the sun is at the front and so we tried to make the houses as aspect as possible... ..

the view

daytime morning chatfest featuring team of dynamic and women, discussing the most exciting events of the day.. ..

borderlands: the view beyond ukraine

From Russian point of view, Europeans and Americans did the one thing they knew Moscow could not live with They installed pro- Western Kiev. ... Washington is not ready to outline the nature and extent of its support, and from American point of view, there is still time to do so.. ..

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