whatever happened to the space between the

That said I only listen to The Adventure Zone (well edited) and Welcome to Night Vale (scripted) so maybe I just have a biased view of how good the pacing and timing of jokes are in most podcasts. ... If it were a poetry reading, or the point were to savour the rich redolence of each word before..

ponybird creates the space

It could be the soundtrack to summer's dream, and it's I Could Never Love You, from Ponybird, the moniker used by Jennifer Dauphinais, and the in series of songs she has been creating as an art piece that will be released as EP later this year... ..

the view from the top of women’s tennis

The more facets that exist in an organization, the more innovative the thinking and decision making, and the greater the ability for people to see other points of view. . ... That ability to see the clearer picture from multiple points of view contributed to the thoughtful, decisive, and..

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