excerpt: the midrange theory

This excerpt from The Midrange Theory Basketball's Evolution in Age of Analytics by Seth Partnow is reprinted with the permission of Triumph Books.  For more information and to order copy, please visit Amazon,  Bookshop org, or TriumphBooks com MidrangeTheory.. ..

why secular liberals actively promote evil

But secular liberal madness imagines that not only is man born good, but pagan materialist science and upside-down evolutionism have shut down the supernatural dimension, brought heaven to earth, supplanted Original Sin with secular 'law' (political correctness) and God's grace with state power as..

the rise and fall of the "pink tide"

Against the passive evolutionism of García Linera’s theory of “Andean-Amazonian capitalism,” Webber counterposes Mariátegui’s “romantic” vision that claims elements of precapitalist Indigenous collectivism as building blocks for a socialist future. ..

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