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By siteadmin 0 08 The Great White Hoax, featuring educator and Tim Wise, explores how American political leaders have been tapping into white anxiety, stoking white grievance, and scapegoating people of color for decades to divide and conquer working class voters and shore up political..

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Tim Gosling Wednesday, March 21, 2018... Despite Populist Triumph, Czech Republic Isn't Going the Way of Poland. Tim Gosling Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017... Tim Gosling Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017... ..

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Having surpassed the key 200-day moving-average, risen for straight days, and up almost 43% from start-of-January lows, Apple's Tim Cook must be laughing all the way to the bank..  . ..


At recent round table meeting of business executives, & I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim Apple as easy way to save time & words. ..


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