to win his trade war, trump seeks a currency

The important point is not the routine lie which we expect from Trump, except rather his proposal for currency war... Trump wants Fed to pump money and cut rates to match. Agricultural Exports The price index for agricultural exports decreased 1.5 percent April following..


Trump's war is harder to win than he claimed. Studies have found that the US economy is paying the costs of his tariffs. ..

trump kickstarts trade war – wwd

Trump Kick Starts Trade War . Wall Street opened with steep declines after President Donald Trump threatened to hike tariffs. . . . . ... President Donald Trump is trying to keep the pressure on China, pushing for trade concessions and amping up the trade war even..

turmoil as trump restarts trade war

By threatening to impose higher tariffs on its biggest trading partner as soon as this, Australian dollar and shares dropped along with key offshore markets after the US raised the ahead of renewed trade negotiations with China this week Friday... ..

trump declares war on house democrats

Three dramatic clashes between White House lawyers and Democrats over the past 36 hours have created atmosphere of total war suggesting that even modest compromise may be impossible and that protracted court fights are inevitable... Trump's stonewalling White House is mounting multi-front..

denying racism

Unlike capitalism of action and the notion of whiteness as property, the capitalism of Trump's War on Drugs is negative, exploiting communities of color as scapegoats and foils. ..

protect democracy

Border Community Where Trump Rallied for His Wall Sues President Over... Nicole Ndumele Trump's War On Courts is War on... YubaNet com © 1999-2019, Nevada City, California 478-9600... ..

partisan warfare has begun

Here's Just even though Trump's war and global worries about U.S. leadership will share the blame.. ... Trump wo not play by the rules. He'll seek to delegitimize our legal institutions. ..

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