weekly horoscope for january 24, 2021

In fact, bolstering relationships could be especially therapeutic and empowering, thanks to a conjunction between romantic Venus and transformative Pluto the same day. . . And on Saturday, January 30, communicator Mercury begins a three-week retrograde in Aquarius. ..

omg stars: full moon in aries, october 2020

This time around I hope people with any kind of major Aries placement are reading the Aries horoscope – so either Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. This full moon with your ruling planet Mars still Retrograde in your sign is a LOT. ..

what is the weather like on venus?

Spacecraft equipped with ultraviolet imaging instruments are able to observe the cloud motion around Venus, and see how it moves at different layers of the atmosphere. The winds blow in a retrograde direction, and are the fastest near the poles. . ..

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