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Now, Insafians and the more radical cultists within that church do not like the fascist label except references to dropping atomic bombs and full-on against the leadership of the military merits some treatment that identifies what it is. 'Fascism feels extreme, and unfair and upsetting..

norman markowitz – people's world

What fascism’s history can tell us about Trump’s takeover . November 14, 2016 By Norman Markowitz The left should face the fact that this election is the most significant electoral victory for fascist mass politics since World War II. . ..

the de-industrialization of the u.s.

To me, what's going on China is not Corporatism, it's Fascism, by you below .. What the left wing in United States has been calling Corporatism is just advanced corruption hiding in lobbyists and campaign contributions the government is the slave of the international..

the american muslim (tam)

including Jews, we know all too well what happens when few demagogues whip up the majority into frenzy of fear and scapegoating. That is fascism, and it's what these speakers promote.  People of all faiths must come together to understand each other not to demonize each other. ..


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