the root

Send her back -braying fans, saying the raucous catcalls were not so much about her, except about what Trump stands for fascism... 7 45 PM.. ..

what is the biggest holocaust? green

Climate propaganda has reached stages far beyond the well known propaganda of Nazi Germany, trying to censure and destroy people's lives and careers, is something Herr Doctor Paul Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, would envy and value highly... ..

we need to define fascism

But defending Italian fascism, while extreme, is still allowed in Separated from the specter of Auschwitz, it seems, people have trouble defining what exactly about fascism is bad enough to make it indefensible... https jewishjournal com world we-need-to-define-fascism... ..

is canada a democracy?

Traditionally, that's called an aristocracy, not democracy, except ever since Mussolini in the 1920s, it came to be called fascism. What used to be called by such terms as monarchy or aristocracy is thus now called fascism and the leopard is the same regardless of what..

the de-industrialization of the u.s.

To me, what's going on China is not Corporatism, it's Fascism, by you below .. What the left wing in United States has been calling Corporatism is just advanced corruption hiding in lobbyists and campaign contributions the government is the slave of the international..


American ...

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