He also claimed the crowd shouted that he should be murdered and his head should be on a spike and that he was not phased because he knows what fascism is, what it looks like... ..

beware of sleepwalking into fascism

Granted, European settler-colonialism continent-wide has often been analysed as fascistic, and recall Aimé Césaire’s line that fascism was “colonialist procedures applied to Europe”. Or, we could ask, like Albert Memmi: “What is fascism,  if not a regime of oppression..


Many are concerned about the rise of “fascism”. But what does this mean? ... In this article, Rob Sewell asks: what is fascism? And does it pose an imminent threat today? ..

the de-industrialization of the u.s.

To me, what's going on China is not Corporatism, it's Fascism, by you below .. What the left wing in United States has been calling Corporatism is just advanced corruption hiding in lobbyists and campaign contributions the government is the slave of the international..


United States ...

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