Many are concerned about the rise of “fascism”. But what does this mean? ... In this article, Rob Sewell asks: what is fascism? And does it pose an imminent threat today? ..

what is digital fascism?

February 18, 2021 What is Digital Fascism? . by Thomas Klikauer – Norman Simms . . ... What allows digital fascism to thrive is the space these electronic platforms grant to right-wing extremism. ..

clara zetkin and the struggle against fascism

Written in polemical form, Trotsky's writings during the 1930s on the rise of Germany and the lessons of Nazi victory present some of the clearest expositions of Marxist analysis of fascism and what is required to defeat it.4. Fascism does not ask red, and gold colors of the..

the f word

Here is an article in The New Republic by Geoffrey Cain, dated June 3, 2019, headlined The Failure to Define Fascism Today. It provides some good background, pulled from scholarship, on what distinguishes fascism from other political movements. ..

the long shadow of racial fascism

Jackson encourages us to consider what happens to our conceptions of fascism and instead from the materiality of the complex, from the concrete and steel, from the devices and personnel of surveillance and repression.. ..

your opinion: the perfect storm

It has been a perfect storm —the unfounded impeachment process, the COVID-19 pandemic, the tragic murder of George Floyd, the complete politicization of the pandemic by the left, the hijacking of peaceful protests about Floyd’s murder by the Marxist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter and their..

what the rise of fascism in 1930s italy can teach us

In regards to her 2016 article, Quinney said, out, first and foremost, and as historian, I'm hesitant to use the fascism to describe contemporary politics, either globally or in United States. And what became Mussolini's of fascism was very different to Hitler's of Nazism, and in..

why women will win white house for joe biden

Yet this is a reality completely lost on 55 percent of men who think he’s the second coming of Jesus, a man on a white horse who will lead America back to - what exactly?  ... Fascism may be as he has made plain the only result he will find acceptable is a victory for him. ..


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