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Asked to elaborate what he meant by cleaning up D.C., lynching... We'll get the hemp ropes out, loop them over limb and hang all of them, .. Finally, someone who know what hemp is used for besides medicinal.. ..

ganja guru objects to shaw's suggestion

People will tell you that it's THC that's most effective, ... So, from Jamaican point of view, what we should do is target whether is CBD market or THC, he added.. Citing the need for more research, Ras Iyah V, said that Government should not listen only to Ministry of Health..

'medicinal cannabis' grower admits sales

The recipient explained he had paid $400 for what he believed was cannabis containing very low levels of the active, THC.. they smelt odour of cannabis. Priddle had admitted charges of cultivating and selling cannabis in what Judge Neave described..

reefer madness 2.0 — adam smith institute

he found that the homicide rates Colorado and Washington were below what the data predicted they would have been.. ... Such measures are based on application of the principle, and the question of whether and to what extent cannabis use causes schizophrenia and other psychoses..

kalamazoo pub looks to become cannabis club

That has led the owner of Kalamazoo brew pub to use his business as place for people interested in what he calls 'cannabis culture to come together. . ... The idea is to create phenomenon that people can feel safe and talk about cannabis, cannabis products,..

cbd is budding in popularity. but what is

But what exactly is it? . Dr. Jeff Chen (@drjeffchen), director of the Cannabis Research Initiative at UCLA, explains that CBD, or cannabidiol, is simply a part of the cannabis plant. . ... And so what this commercial industry has done is they extract CBD from hemp, and it..

zucchini bread

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