best of 2021: theatre

That question underpinned every riveting minute of James Graham's characteristically history-minded play, the author of Quiz and Ink this time turning his attentions to the televised 1968 debates between Gore Vidal reresenting the political left and William F Buckley Jr on the..

2021 man of the year: yaseen eldik

Just ask Yaseen Eldik, the Yale Law School administrator who did more to delegitimize his university in half an hour than William F. Buckley Jr. did in half a century. . A former Obama official and a dyed-in-the-wool diversocrat, Eldik may not be the most masculine of our 2021..


William F. Buckley, Jr. . Americans have become so inured to perennial gridlock in politics that when significant legislation passes, it's regarded as a minor miracle. ... The founder of postwar American conservatism and enforcer of his own notion of its orthodoxy,..

two cheers for utopia

Don’t immanentize the eschaton” has been a conservative axiom since William F. Buckley popularized it in the 1960s and 1970s. The slogan cautions us: If you try to build a heavenly city on earth, you’re liable to turn totalitarian, forcing imperfect people to conform to your..


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