News in Views

Reducing information overload


News aggregator with a twist, only diverse perspectives are presented. Here on a single page you can get a variety of viewpoints on the issue.

We use machine learning and NLP algorithms to detect distinct perspectives in the sea of information. Our algorithms include only news detected as diverse. When they detect a significant replication of opinions seen before, that story is excluded.

There is no manual selection of news or sources. News selection is made in real time with algorithms. We collected as many sources in English language as we could find.

Disclaimer: having in mind that a single comma can change the meaning of a sentence, do not be surprised that sometimes you may see redundant information expressed differently, or not find a perspective which should have been found. However, our algorithms try to minimize such occurrences.


jovan brankov Jovan (related research)
Jovan's expertise includes pattern recognition and data mining.

lazar kovacevic Lazar, (related project)
Lazar's expertise includes web information retrieval, NLP, semantic search.